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New Business: A Week in the Life of a Digital Agency


seabrook-diary-4Christmas was a little different this year. It was actually rather lovely.

Sylvester, my 2 year old was a delight. Parading on his new trampoline like a maestro from the second line – with my 6 week old daughter nonchalantly looking on.

It was a welcome opportunity to let life settle from the intensities of recent weeks.

Having a second child, whilst a blessing, makes free time much more scarce. The mornings start earlier (usually with a night of broken sleep) and the evenings end much later.

Lifehack anyone?

One of the more positive decisions that I’ve made, is to spend an hour in the evening planning for the next day’s work.

Shutting myself in the spare room/mancave after bath time and stories, is bliss.

Shutting myself in the spare room/mancave after bath time and stories, is bliss.

I’m able to relax, reflect and think about what I’d like to improve on – and achieve for the next day. A perfect case of working on the business.

And the think that I’ve been thinking is that I need to start tackling new business calls again. Yes, the dreaded cold calling.

We’ve built the business on digital marketing, and word-of-mouth. However, I’ve always had a niggling thought that adding a decent level of calls to the mix could make an impact.

To call or not to call?

I’ve dabbled with cold calls over the years. Patchy. Not fun. I’ve also employed telesales professionals – both in-house and off-site, with limited success.

Having sales people in the office can be incredibly disruptive. The typical high-maintenance persona is tiring. Outsourcing hasn’t worked particularly well either. Warm leads in their opinion, were tepid in mine.

What to do?

Evidently it needs to be me. I know the business and services inside out, and am pretty good with people. I just don’t come from an overt sales background. What I need is a decent telesales strategy.

The Masterplan

Back to my planning hour. Each evening I’ve spent time researching businesses that I’d like to work with, and who we could actually add value to.

The Criteria:

  • The businesses need to be within Greater Manchester (for this targeting exercise)
  • They need to have a turnover in excess of £250,000 pa
  • Sector is not an issue (we actually enjoy working with businesses across the board)

Once identified, I take the time to understand how they are currently performing online. For example:

  • How well has their website been built (is the UX clear, is the UI contemporary, is the web speed optimum)?
  • How well the website is ranking, and for what keywords?
  • Are there opportunities for paid advertising (PPC, Facebook, Linkedin etc)?

Finally, I’ve decided to call 10 targeted businesses a day. Not a particularly insurmountable number – which is kinda the point. I don’t want to have a huge amount of numbers I need to ‘get through’ in an afternoon.

And the results?

Encouraging. Some decent leads, the occasional “not interested”, and a handful of callbacks. The main point for me is that I’m being proactive. I’m also using my own judgement as to what is successful. I’m actually rather enjoying it.

And finally…

If you do get a call from me in the near future, don’t hang up! It’s a genuine opportunity for you to improve your web presence!