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Parenthood: A Week in the Life of a Digital Agency


What a week.

It started off with the birth of my second child, Stevie. She’s delightful.

Like the ancient Egyptian game of tug-of-war, paternity leave is very much the same.

Also, we had a tasty result from a development project we did for our client 2000trees Festival.

Really? Do tell.

Back in 2014, 2000trees wanted to find out if there were any digital marketing opportunities that they were missing out on.

We knew that the website was generating large amounts of unique visitors per month. We also knew that people were willing to sign up to the website’s newsletter without any real convincing.

However we had a feeling that there was a decent chunk of visitors who would sign up to the mailing list – if they were prompted to do so.

And so?

We decided to create a purpose built mailing list pop-up. You know the little fellas. The ones that interrupt you when you’re quietly reading a blogpost or visiting an online store. They appear from nowhere and take over your entire screen – looking to sell you this, or sign you up for that.

Then why develop one?

I didn’t say that they didn’t work. When applied correctly they can actually work pretty well. We just needed to get the ingredients right.

Which were?

A combination of:

  • Multiple Forms – ability to create new offers, whilst keeping previous offers available for future use.
  • Timeframe Control – to manage the timings of when the pop-up would ‘pop-up’.
  • Mailshot Integration – linking different forms with individual mailing system lists.
  • WordPress Plugin – adapting the code so the client can manage it within WordPress.

And the results?

Well, the pop-up facility has generated approximately 1,200 new email addresses, which has led to an additional £14,000 worth of ticket sales in 2015. Not a bad effort.

So Paternity Leave is a breeze then?

Not quite. Like the ancient Egyptian game of tug-of-war, paternity leave is very much the same. Albeit with the client at one end, and parenthood the other.

Part of me is looking forwards to going back to work for the rest.


A Week in the Life of a Digital Agency