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Partnership: A Week in the Life of a Digital Agency


DSC_0097-2It’s been another productive week for Team Seabrook.

We’re fortunate to share an office with one of the most exciting PR agencies in Manchester, PR Agency One, and have done so for the past 5 years.

It’s a partnership that is built on friendship, and a shared vision of success. It also brings with a healthy level of competition. However because we specialise in different, albeit converging disciplines, both parties are able to co-exist and grow interdependently with each other.

That to one side, PR Agency One is smashing it at the moment. Seabrook is gradually picking up the pace. It’s a real tortoise and hare narrative.

Over the past 12 months, PR Agency One have won a handful of coveted PR awards – including:

  • Pride Awards 2015: Gold Winner
  • Pride Awards 2015: Outstanding Public Relations Consultancy
  • PR Moment 2015: Best Small Agency of the Year

They’re also up for another 11 PR Moment this year too. Pretty impressive.

What works fantastically well for PR Agency One, is that if there is any design support that they might require, the team can simply give us a nudge and we’ll consult, spec, design and deliver for them. Perfect.

As PR Agency One grow, more marketing collateral is required. Today we’ve been designing old school – yet still relevant – exhibition graphics for the upcoming ProlificNorthLive event at Emirates Old Trafford. Where they have an exhibition stand.

Not only that, we’ve print managed the job too. With only a few days away, we’ve designed and sent the material to print, ready for the show. Without any fuss.

Without any fuss? Yes. Well almost.

There was this small debate, that could only happen between a creative agency and a public relationship brand. That being whether the full stop within the highlight copy should be in black or in white.

In the end, design was and will always be the winner.

If you are in need of a digital team to support your existing marketing services, then we’d love to chat.