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BNI: Successful Business Networking


Warning – contains conspicuous sales pitch.

I’m part of a business networking group called BNI. We meet every Thursday morning with the aim to pass warmed up business referrals to one another.

This year we’re on target to generate £1.4m worth of business between our 20 members.

This year we’re on target to generate £1.4m worth of business between our 20 members.


Pretty good eh?

There’s an element of American evangelicalism about BNI. 50% of my associates think that I am part of a cult. But as my good friend Martin Williams always says ‘Suspend your disbelief’. Or in other words, leave your cynicism at the door.

So why BNI?

I’ve been to numerous business networking events in Manchester over the past 10 years, and BNI is the only networking group that has brought me proper business leads. In fact, BNI accounts for over 20% of all of my business.

How does it work?

Here’s the catch. It only works for businesses who are committed. We meet every Thursday morning at 7am until 8.30am, and follow a structured agenda – which has been refined over the past 30 years.

  • Each week we have an opportunity to educate the group about our business, what we do – and what type of businesses we’d like to work with.
  • Each week multiple business referrals are passed between the members.
  • And each week thousands of pounds worth of business is recorded.

So why am I telling you this?

Good question. I like to share the love. I’ve done really well out of BNI, and want others to do well too. I also know how challenging it can be running a business and trying to find new business leads. BNI cuts through a lot of that.

Is BNI for everyone?

No. If you’re only interested in quick wins, and taking what you can get – then I wouldn’t recommend BNI. I probably wouldn’t recommend being in business either. However if you are aiming to grow your business sustainably and with integrity, then yes BNI might well be for you.

So how do you get involved?

Simple. Send me an email and I’ll get you an invite to the next meeting.


– End of glaring sales pitch –

  • I would really like to join. Where do i sign up?

    • You would certainly be welcome to come down to a meeting – to see if it was a good fit James. Let me know your details 🙂