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Logo Design

Your brand figurehead.


Logo Design

“Your Brand is What People Say About You When You’re Not in the Room”
Jeff Bezos, Amazon

He’s almost right. Here’s our definition:

“Your Brand is What People Feel About You When You’re Not in the Room”

Even more importantly how they ‘think’ you can benefit their lives.

  • Can you save them time?
  • Can you save them money?
  • Can you make them money?
  • Can you help them impress their partners? Shareholders? Investors? Prospects?

And most of the time, we are out of the room.

So we use branding across our websites, our email marketing, our stationery, ads and the rest.

All in the name of helping people think positively about us. In the name of winning and retaining more business. Making more money.

The figurehead of your branding? Your logo.

Your brand encapsulated.

Representative values. And value.

New Adventures in Logo Design.
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