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Case Study: 2000trees Festival


An award winning, environmentally friendly, fan friendly, music festival. Made with love. By music lovers. From scratch. Sharing the best new British music in a spirit of community, of independence and peace since 2007.

The Bottom Line

  • To develop effective on and offline festival branding.
  • To create an online destination to promote a 3 day event in beautiful rural Gloucestershire.
  • Showcasing everything that’s good about 2000trees – the bands, music, the images the occasion.
  • To drive ticket sales.

Nine years of success. From zero to 12,000 average monthly website visits and with the festival sold out every year for the last 6 years says mission accomplished.



The Challenge

In 2006 when 2000trees approached us to help them with their festival branding they had nothing. Nothing more than the shared vision of the six festival founders. No website, no imagery, not even a confirmed line-up for their launch.

It was our job to elicit that vision and share it in a way that would resonate with other like minds: festival goers and new music fans seeking a fresh, alternative to the traditional circuit scene. A scene increasingly dominated by big big bands, big brands, big prices.

Somehow, the true spirit, the true fun of festival going had been abandoned in pursuit of profit – something needed to be done.

As festival goers and huge music fans ourselves we were delighted to help the 2000trees team rise to this challenge.



Strategic Thinking

In 2007 the UK festival landscape was radically different to how it is now. A market dominated by larger, corporatised, commercially driven festivals; there were far fewer boutique festival options than these days.

The timing was right. Market research quickly revealed that the 2000trees Festival team weren’t alone in wanting a return to their festival roots. The difference between them and the many thousands of UK festival fans also seeking fresh festival alternatives, was the passion to back their vision.

It’s worth noting that although the boutique festival scene was poorly catered for in 2007 the competition quickly grew. And as more festivals appeared so 2000trees had to evolve their marketing to preserve their reputation as one of the UK’s leading small festivals.

What We Did

Design And Functionality

It’s been a journey. And as the festival has evolved so has the website. But as with every successful project it was important that at the outset we had a crystal clear understanding of what the team was trying to achieve. A process that involved frequent meetings, extensive market research, rapid prototyping, persona development, interactions and user journey testing.

After six years of growth, a complete site redevelopment in 2013 saw the addition of further content management functionality – and the option to change the website backdrop to customise the whole website.

The website would prove to be a vital cornerstone of the project.

Working closely with Eventbrite to integrate tracking codes with Google Analytics we were able to carefully evaluate ticket sale conversions through conversion rate optimisation.

Social media has also played an important role developing the brand’s success with more than 9,500 Twitter followers and 23,700 Facebook fans sharing integrated through the site.


The website would prove to be a vital cornerstone of the project. A home for curation, promotion and community building upon which each new festival can be launched and its reputation sustained. It was important that the content management aspect of the site, the mechanism by which the team could share all the relevant festival information, was powerful, flexible and simple to use.



Mission Fulfilled.

As evidenced by recent promotions which have included the Access All Areas series of blogs. Security guards, a guy from a burger van and even bands blogged about the festival sharing unique perspectives and adding flavour and colour to the coverage content.

A constant stream of fresh video content is added to the site throughout the year – band promos, interviews, live and general festival footage.

Competitions, promotions and incentives were run throughout the year – Golden Tickets, VIP tickets, Buy Now Pay Later schemes, Gift Vouchers, Spotify Playlist shares – endless creative ways to use the site to convey the excitement of the event.

The Results?

  • 240k yearly visits
  • A sold out event every year for the last 6 years
  • Guardian Top 10 small festivals
  • Association of Independent Festivals Awards, 2014 – ‘Supporter of Emerging Talent’ Champion
  • UK Festival Awards, 2010 & 2013 – Winner of the “Grass Roots Festival” award
  • UK Festival Awards, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 & 2014 – Best Small Festival short list
  • UK Festival Awards, 2011 – Finalist in the Fans’ Favourite Festival

Says Rob Scarlett, co-founder and head of on-line media management, “the whole success of the festival has been beyond our wildest dreams. We never in a million years could have predicted that ‘Trees’ would be now approaching it’s 10th year, growing in popularity every year.

Adds Rob, “Of course we’re all more than happy to take the credit (and we shall!). At the same time though we’d like to thank William and his team at Seabrook – they’ve been great to work with. Creative, honest and at our side every step of the way. An essential part of the 2000trees team. Thanks guys! Here’s to the next 10!