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Case Study: Bardsley Construction


An award-winning construction firm with 50 years’ in the industry, Bardsley Construction is a multi-disciplinary, multi-million pound company working with both private and public sector clients to build beautiful, enduring facilities.

The Bottom Line

To upgrade their website to the latest version of WordPress
To streamline their plug-ins and improve performance
To protect the smooth-running of their system

The Challenge

We began talks with Bardsley Construction upon learning that their existing website was becoming difficult to manage. The website included dozens of plug-ins, only some of which were being used.

The client was concerned about the possibility for the system to break should the plug-ins be handled incorrectly. Consequently, WordPress had not been upgraded for some time, leaving it open to cyber manipulation.

Bardsley entrusted the Seabrook team to evaluate and reconfigure the system – to bring it up to scratch.

Our Approach

To minimise downtime and mitigate the risk of damaging the theme and content management system, we produced a duplicate site in our separate development area. This gave us the opportunity to analyse the database and run tests on the plug-ins, without affecting the live site.

We removed unnecessary software, and resolved any technical issues on the development version, before seamlessly transferring a problem-free codebase to the live website.

Mission Accomplished

In just two weeks, the improved Bardsley Construction website was up and running. By updating both WordPress and plug-ins, whilst streamlining their database to include only relevant, efficient files, we were able to prolong the lifespan of their website for the foreseeable future.