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Case Study: Aluminium Shapes


Aluminium Shapes produce over five million metres of quality extrusion from their Corby site every year. An award-winning British aluminium extruder, they deliver to clients all around the world.

The Bottom Line

To align with the M&A strategy
To create a responsive new website
To support the company’s marketing consultant

The Challenge

We were introduced to Aluminium Shapes by a client, who was working as a marketing consultant on the brand’s development to support an ongoing merger and acquisition process.

It had already been agreed that an improved online presence would be an essential step towards a successful M&A; Aluminium Shapes sought a new website that they would feel comfortable presenting to the board.

Our Approach

As a manufacturing firm, Aluminium Shapes were impressed by our strategic approach to branding, design and development. They could relate to our 7-step process, which gave them a clear view of each stage and deliverable. This instantly reassured the client that they were in safe hands.

1. Consultation
2. Style guide
3. Wireframing
4. Graphic design
5. Build
6. Cross-browser testing
7. Handover

Following a consultation, we compiled a style guide that would direct the branding and graphic design, before creating a wireframe of the proposed site map. This allowed us to gather feedback from all decision-makers early in the process, ensuring everyone was on the same page.

Bringing together the approved concepts and wireframes, we began designing the look and feel, which gradually evolved into the development site. The website itself was built on a WordPress CRM to make it easy for the client to update in-house.

Finally, we diligently tested the site functionality across multiple browsers, before handing over the finished product to our client in time for their presentation to the board.

Mission Accomplished

Our client was thrilled with the results, thanks largely to the collaborative approach that we took throughout the process. The M&A is now imminent; plans are in the pipeline for the addition of further pages and feature