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Case Study: HEaTED


The central membership organisation for the Technical Workforce in Education in the UK. HEaTED supports the professional development of HE Technicians across all disciplines.

The Bottom Line

  • To develop a dynamic hub for technicians to find specialist training courses
  • To create a membership system for HEaTED to manage client accounts
  • To design a website that is both aspirational and contemporary

With all of the major universities within the UK signed-up, approximately 4000 technician accounts – and access to over 560 unique training courses. The HEaTED project can be deemed a success.



The Challenge

In 2012 when HEaTED contacted us to help them with their website and software requirements, their digital situation was tired and outdated.

HEaTED understood that a well designed website would be the catalyst to their growth.

One of the major issue was that the previous HEaTED website was very difficult for the communications team to update.

There was no content management system, so each time a change was needed, the website code had to be edited – which required a technician.

The more we investigated, the more functionality we realised was needed. The news facility was limited, the profile management was sluggish, and the registration process difficult.

Proper back-end software was a must.


What We Did

Design And Software Development

The previous website was past its best. We needed to create a design that was contemporary and aspirational. Key design points considered:

  • Layout was widened to create space for the high gloss images and copy
  • Clear call to actions for registering as either a technician or institution
  • Quick links were added to access the members profile areas
  • Dynamic search facility for the hundreds of courses available produced

Development wise, we needed to make the system user friendly for both the customers and staff. Key software features included:

  • Course management
  • Profile management
  • Registration management
  • Membership management
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Content management

Data. Big and small.

There was a huge amount of data that was being used and stored on the previous website. We had to map and migrate the data from the old databases to the new.

Mission Fulfilled.

Re-designing a website that is at the core of any business is challenging. Multiple stakeholders need to be satisfied. However, we planned, we created, and we delivered.

The Results?

  • A 32% increase in membership
  • An easy to use software system
  • A website that to be proud of