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Case Study: JNB Aerials


A technologically savvy, customer focused, aerial satellite and data specialist; with a passion for all things digital. Perfecting our properties since 2010.

The Bottom Line

  • To design and build a mobile optimised website
  • To increase website traffic and conversions
  • Improving customer conversions on a monthly basis

Exponential growth since 2013. Doubling of qualified leads since July 2015 alone. JNB’s digital marketing is heading for success.

The Challenge

In 2013 when JNB Aerials approached us to help with their digital marketing, they had a functional website and underperforming SEO.

What JNB did have though was a managing director with vision.

What JNB did have though was a managing director with vision. Someone who understood that online marketing was, and is, key to the business’ longterm growth.

Strategic Thinking

With competition fierce. Industry wide, short term SEO techniques aplenty. A long term strategy, focused on sustainable growth was essential.

What We Did

Solid SEO Foundation

We spent considerable time researching real-world keywords and phrases (along with search volumes). Giving us a meticulous understanding of what pages should be created for the new JNB website.

Why build a state-of-the-art website if nobody can find it?

Meta information (titles, descriptions) and the website’s URL structure was planned and mapped out beforehand. Making sure that Google would know exactly where to index the new pages in their burgeoning search engine.

With the Thematic Sitemap complete (apologies – jargon overload), it was time to move onto the design stage.

Design and Functionality

The new design needed to embrace the mobile web. The previous website was built when responsive technology was in its infancy – therefore the user experience across various screen sizes was limited. With more people accessing the web via mobile devices than ever before – a mobile-friendly website was a must.

JNB also wanted a custom call-back form on the website. They understand that customers are very busy – so finding the right time to serve their needs is paramount. The call-back form is just one way that shows that JNB care.

Lead Generation

The whole purpose for redesigning and optimising any B2B website is for lead generation.

So what’s involved?

  • Thematic Sitemap. Check.
  • Responsive Website Design. Check.
  • Unique SEO Copywriting. Check.
  • High Quality Lnikbuilding. Check.
  • Optimised Landing Pages for Conversion. Check.

The Results

  • 355 Organic Top 50 Keywords
  • 66 Page One Keywords
  • Reduction in Cost Per Lead by 57% since July 2015