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Genuine competitive advantage.


Dedicated Software Development for Dedicated Online Businesses

Not only do we excel at form. We excel at function too.

The kind of function that has seen us design and develop a range of specialist websites and online services to help numerous clients run their businesses more effectively and more profitably.

For example;

  • Development of a cloud based management system for a Manchester accountancy firm that helps manage clients’ accounts (bank reconciliation, vat returns…) online.
  • A training management and booking system for university and college technicians. Accounts used by thousands of technicians nationality to schedule training, location and to pay for it.

Genuine competitive advantage. Real world cost savings. Extra revenues.

What about you?

How do you function?

The way your business wants to work? Or the way your software forces you to work?

We’ll put you back in charge.

If there’s a better, easier, more profitable way for you and your team to work online – we’ll find it, we’ll build it, we’ll deploy it.

All you do is benefit.

New Adventures in Development.
Are you ready?


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