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Web Apps

The backbone of modern business.


Web Apps Development

You probably already use a range of Web Apps – Google Docs, Gmail, MailChimp, Xero, Tweetdeck. SaaS (software as a service).

Web Apps are quickly turning into the backbone of modern business.

Check in for a flight, view latest CRM info, launch an email campaign, do pretty much anything.

What about your business? Do you use cloud based technologies to quickly and simply plug into the data and the functionality you need?  When you need it.  Where you need it and on the device you need to access it on – laptop, tablet. laptop or smartphone.

Do you ‘Bring Your Own Device’?

Any Time, Real Time Access to the Information You Need

Web Apps give you realtime access to all the important cloud based data and systems – convenient, faster and easier than in-house networks or traditional server based software systems.

And because all of your processing is done on the latest, most powerful and most reliable server technology, it means you don’t have to keep throwing money at your legacy systems.

No more expensive upgrades. No more costly IT recruitment.

Just all of your business essential software, your important data accessible on the move. Any time, real time access to the information you and your team need.

How Web Apps?

Less a question of whether Web Apps make sense as part of your business strategy; for any ambitious businesses it’s more a question of ‘how?’

What kind of App options might you have? Who should you choose to develop your App? The technical implications of your App? The business implications?

The answers to all those questions… are here.

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