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Email Marketing

Direct, personal and valuable.


With the Direct Marketing Association reporting an ROI of 4,300% anyone failing to include it in their armoury is missing a hot trick.

Reports of the death of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated.

A direct ‘conversation to commerce’ path of communication, email marketing still offers the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Potentially.

New Adventures in Email Marketing

We’re not talking tired old email newsletters, the pitches and punts that clog up your inbox. Spam-lite that sits there burning a hole in your peripheral vision before it’s eventually purged.

We’re talking genuine value exchange — information too useful to throw away. Direct, personal and valuable.

Direct, personal and valuable communication that your list, your subscribers are more than happy to reward with their time and attention.

The Anatomy of Successful Email Marketing

  • Effective subject lines writing that get your messages opened
  • A distinctive voice that gets your messages read
  • Obama campaign quality, niche content that’s focused on your reader’s’ specific needs
  • Valuable, shareable information
  • The ability to easily track email performance – open rates, response rates, click throughs
  • The ability to hone campaigns

You? Are you leaving money on the table?

Do you use email marketing as powerfully as you could? Does your email marketing agency really whip it as hard as they ought?

They could. If they were us.

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